A comprehensive defence against infiltrations and enhanced situational awareness

Introducing: the second layer of the Beesense concept, known as the tactical circle, incorporating the Mantis system and a range of customisable features to create an unparalleled defence mechanism.    Advancements in technology play a vital role in enhancing the safety and efficiency of military operations. One such innovation is the Beesense protection circle concept, […]

How can an area be protected and completely secured against threats?

The FIREFLY presents an innovative solution to perimeter security. Its integration of multiple sensors, AI-based analysis, and continuous monitoring make it a highly efficient and reliable system.   In the current digital era, security has become a complex and multifaceted challenge. The traditional fences and barriers are becoming increasingly inadequate to guard against sophisticated threats. […]

Why is protecting Onshore oil and gas infrastructure so crucial?

Facilities and pipelines that are not protected may be susceptible to all kinds of security threats. The future of the energy industry depends heavily on infrastructure protection.   “There has been growing recognition of the importance of protecting onshore gas and oil pipelines and infrastructure in recent years. A significant amount of money is at […]

Implementing Effective Border Security Without Physical Barriers

An intelligent portable border control system combined with a fixed border protection post provides a flexible and dynamic approach to border security. A virtual fence may be the best solution.   Border security is crucial in many countries, particularly those with porous or disputed borders. Several locations worldwide have open borders without physical barriers, including […]