A comprehensive defence against infiltrations and enhanced situational awareness

Introducing: the second layer of the Beesense concept, known as the tactical circle, incorporating the Mantis system and a range of customisable features to create an unparalleled defence mechanism. 


Advancements in technology play a vital role in enhancing the safety and efficiency of military operations. One such innovation is the Beesense protection circle concept, designed to provide comprehensive defence against infiltrations and enhance situational awareness for potential end-users such as special units, police and border protection units.

 The second layer of the Beesense concept, known as the tactical circle, incorporates the Mantis system and a range of customisable features to create an unparalleled defence mechanism.

 The tactical circle, the second layer of Beesense’s protection concept, expands the range of defence up to an impressive 2 kilometres. At its core lies the Mantis system, a sophisticated forward observation system that not only fortifies infiltration routes behind enemy lines but also acts as a camouflaged shield. The Mantis system can be further customised with a diverse range of additional sensors, communication equipment, and power supply options.

Beesense’s Mantis prides itself on its adaptability, allowing for the seamless integration of additional sensors – like seismic sensors and radars – to detect and identify threats in close proximity to the system. This flexibility ensures that the system remains alert and responsive, only awakening when triggered by the presence of an approaching target. By conserving energy and reducing its signature, the tactical circle achieves an extended system lifespan, a crucial advantage in prolonged operations.

Incorporating the latest advancements in energy management, the Beesense tactical circle minimises reliance on existing infrastructure by utilising self-sustaining power sources. Solar panels, combined with battery packs, offer an independent energy supply, eliminating the need for constant connectivity. This feature enables the Mantis system to be installed in various environments, whether buried underground, mounted on poles, or affixed to tripods, making it highly adaptable to diverse mission requirements.

Field-tested and proven, the Mantis guarantees high operational reliability over extended periods. Its ability to operate with low energy consumption, combined with the use of energy supply solutions like batteries and solar panels, ensures continuous functionality without compromising effectiveness. These qualities make the Mantis an ideal choice for tactical units engaged in dynamic combat scenarios.

As the battlefield continues to evolve, the need for advanced protection systems becomes increasingly critical. Beesense’s Mantis, with its extensive range, customisable features, and low-energy signature, presents a formidable defence mechanism for military operations. By closing infiltration routes and providing forward observation capabilities, this innovative system enhances situational awareness, ensuring the safety and success of military units on the battlefield.

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