Mabntis 3
Weight: ~20 kg
Focal lens: 60/75 mm
Range: up to 2 km
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Stand-off radar - integrated surveillance suite for borders and critical infrastractures

Mantis-3 is a mast-mounted multi-sensor suite based on the mantis 1 remote observation surveillance system) that creates an accurate situation picture enabling command and control centers to quickly and efficiently monitor vital installations and borders from a safe distance. Mantis’ design enables operational versatility, with features including a camouflage capability, solar panel power, and various communication options. In addition to its “no infrastructure” requirement, these features provide a highly cost-effective solution for border and critical infrastructure defence and security.

The MANTIS family is the optimal cost effective solution for:
Wide terrain dominance
Wide Terrain Dominance
Cost effective solution
Cost effective
Best solution for complex arenas
Best solution for complex arenas
Key benefits
  • One Stand-Off System For Same Area Coverage and Persistant Terrain Dominance
  • 90° Field Of Regard, Up To 2km
  • Real-Time Information Dispatch to C4i
  • No Infrastructure Required
  • Covert Capability
Mantis 3