FireFly 140XV
Weight: ~3 kg
Field of view: 120°
Range: up to 140 m
FireFly XV

Short range multi-sensor surveillance system

The FIREFLY 140 XV is a compact multi-sensor system designed for perimeter security using short-range Radar, two Thermal Cameras, two HD Day Low Light cameras, Target Classification and Video Analytics. Objects detected by the Radar, or Video Analytics are transmitted to the Command Control Center or recorded locally on the system for future extraction. Using the ONVIF protocol, the FIREFLY 140 XV is easily integrated with any C4I system for video storage and remote control. The FIREFLY 140 XV is the ultimate protector for perimeter security.

The FIREFLY family is the optimal cost effective solution for:
Border Protection
Border Protection
Airport security
Airport security
Coastal Surveillance
Critical assets
Public transportation
Public transportation
Unattended mobile security
Unattended mobile security
Main technical features
  • Day/Night Low Light cameras For Observation Capabilities
  • Short-range Staring Radar
  • Internal Recording
  • Minimum Energy Consumption
  • Automatic Target Classification
  • Remotely Controlled
  • Multiple Communication Options (LAN, Wi-Fi, Cellular, UHF)
  • Easily Integrated With C4I systems
  • Designed For Unattended Use
  • Onvif Protocol
  • Onboard VMD
  • Deep Learning Classification
  • Fusion between the Radar and the Optics Wireless communication
  • External Batteries