Faced with a wide range of security concerns; from terrorism and theft, safety breaches and trespassing, The critical infrastructure industry must adopt proactive approaches and advanced technologies to ensure a continued capacity to mitigate or react to threats that can put entire populations at risk. BEESENSE seamlessly integrates a wide array of advanced surveillance and intelligence technologies and solutions to detect, track, classify and mitigate threats to both on-shore & off-shore critical assets.

BEESENSE provides authorities with the capability to rapidly analyse real- time data, ensure the site’s security and the safety of its employees and the surrounding communities. Utilising innovative solutions and providing continuous agility to adapt to the growing threats rapidly, BEESENSE offers an array of integrated infrastructure security systems for Law Enforcement, Security Operators, and HLS agencies to ensure maximum protection of the site’s inner and outer perimeters.

Our flexibility enables us to build a customised perimeter protection concept that meets your specific cross-site threats. From fixed and mobile multi-sensors to independent power sources and communication systems, BEESENSE offers a wide suite of modular, scalable solutions and systems for advanced protection of monitored, unattended, remote and isolated on-shore and off-shore critical sites.

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