Millions of Passengers rely on trains and metros daily to rapidly and safely deliver them to their destination. Accidents, natural disasters or criminal activity pose a great threat to the daily operations of the rail infrastructure and can cause delays and severe damages to human life and property. Train operations stakeholders must adopt advanced technologies to drive change in reactive approaches and implement comprehensive, “prediction and prevention” oriented solutions to rapidly thwart and respond to various growing threats.

Beesense integrates advanced, multi sensors systems to ensure dynamic monitoring that supports fast response and mitigation of various threats posed to monitored, remote or crowded train rails, stations, depots, junctions, tunnels and bridges.

BEESENSE delivers customised solutions that meet your specific cross-site challanges. integrating cutting-edge multi-sensors, independent power sources and communication systems to various platforms, BeeSense offers a wide suite of modular, scalable solutions and systems for advanced protection of railroads.

Train rails & depots


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